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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  March 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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i am hillary balla. the biggest hotspots, tampa at 50th st. watch out for an accident in the eastbound lanes. in bradenton there is a crash, a lane is blocked on westbound eighth avenue. coming up as we head into the morning rush hour, i will get you drive times in we will see if the bridges are slowing down. good tuesday morning. i am allison kropff. investigators in california is a tree caused a train to derail. there were 200 people on board. >> nine people were hurt and four seriously. it is a miracle no one was killed. it happened after the train hit a tree that had fallen on the track.
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the scene was chaotic. >> as soon as i knew we were stable i listened for the screams and people were crying for help. a few people were injured so we had them positioned on the ground and if you people were more severely injured, we left them in place inside the car. >> messages -- buses drove passengers away from the scene. heavy rains may have led to the tree falling. parts of the state were pounded with flooding. this is santa cruz, california. some places got 10 inches of rain and dangerous surf to the southern coastline. lifeguards are asking people to stay out of the water until this afternoon. parts of texas are getting slammed with storms after a possible tornado monday night. it happened in pool of fort worth. debris all over the roadways. several homes have been destroyed.
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flooding in the area. no one was seriously hurt. former professional wrestler hulk hogan will be back inside a courtroom for day to in the trial against gawker. this centers around a leaked sex tape. sarah hollenbeck is outside of the courtroom. >> reporter: in a world where we are reliant on our cell phones taking pictures and video this brings up a big question. if someone takes a picture of you that you consider being in a private moment and they posted online, what rights do you have. former professional wrestler hulk hogan will walk into a courtroom back today. it could be any of us with a similar situation. the outcome would have far- reaching impacts. hogans attorney claimed he did not know he was being recorded and did not give the okay to have the video posted.
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posted serious allegations. >> it remained on for six months. for those six months this man stood there naked and exposed. to the world. >> i felt numb. >> gawker sees this post as protected speech under the first amendment and contends it was reporting on his elaborately for publicly discussed his sex life. i will talk about it celebrities have different rights than the rest of us and we will look into that later. sarah hollenbeck. it is a big day for presidential hopefuls for 150 delegates up for grabs. voters in michigan and mississippi and idaho have caucuses today. campaigning and mississippi
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ted cruz in his crosshairs. >> you vote for anyone else, a vote for governor john kasich, marco rubio, is effectively a vote for donald trump. >> senator ted cruz is really a liar. >> on the democratic side, clinton leads sanders by 600 delegates today. she campaigned in detroit monday night. record turnout is expected today. congress is requesting to question the state department's staffer who helped hillary server. the justice department granted probably auto gagliano community last week. it means that the amendment privileges no longer privilege. funeral arrangements for nancy reagan made. her body will lie in repose at the ronald reagan presidential library in california tomorrow pay respect.
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husband on friday. 1000 people are expected to attend the outer service. the funeral is closed to the public. tonight is the deadline for governor scott to sign a bill that would give others a chance to defend their dogs if they attack will hurt a person. the legislation was inspired by padi the dog attacked a child last year. padi attacked a service puppy in training on monday. they are worried that the puppy won't be able to be a service dog now. >> reporter: here is the thing the puppy is only four months old and the trainer say that is enough for this puppy to be scarred by what happened at this clinic yesterday. these are the injuries that the trainer said the puppy got while waiting to check out of the clinic. padi did not have a leash on and came out and attack the puppy. this is the same.that bid a
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year and he had tens of thousands of people rally behind him on social media. a judge ruled in his favor but now the owners places a new set of issues. he could be slapped with criminal charges, the owner, because service dogs are protected by law. padi's owner is facing another set of legal troubles and i will have more on that coming up at 630. emerald morrow. today marks two years since malaysia airlines flight 370 disappeared. the parliament held a moment of silence today to honor the victims. the plane disappeared with 239 people on board. even though they cannot confirm what happened investigators believe the boeing crashed in a remote stretch of the southern indian ocean killing everyone
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an investigation after russian tennis star maria sharapova tested positive on a drug test. we learned of the nike suspended it. she has been taking a medication for a decade and was unaware it was placed on a banned substance list. the international tennis federation has yet to announce a penalty. will show you this video with a truck that drove off the highway. >> check it out. you can see the man driving on the highway when he crashes through a concrete barrier and starts falling to the ground. the driver was on from the track and hurt. they are trying to figure out why he lost control. police and roselle, illinois have questions for the driver they pulled over in january. the officers video shows the driver had a 20 sticking out of
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said she didn't remember hitting the tree. the officers smelled alcohol driving. of bridgeport. and you see this video you of the road. >> then you realize it is moving along with the car. scary. a teenager is thrown off of a horse and her mother wants stable. >> we have more details coming up. snowmobilers `love ones. rescuers say they are very lucky to be alive. this is to 75 and jefferson street. things are starting to pick up towards rush-hour. we are keeping an eye on the roads. hillary is up in moments.
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good morning. here is the bridge update. a little bit of a delay getting on the sunshine skyway bridge on the manatee county side. a drive time of 75 minutes. taking a live look from sky 10 at the howard frankland bridge. these are the northbound lanes. in this right shoulder there is a broken down car. take it slow. another live look at the corning campbell causeway. the drive time is seven minutes. warm one. average high 75 and average low today. mid-80s tomorrow and thursday. but areas away from the water well. it could be really warm and
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you can see the divide. this is lighting eastward and should stick around through the weekend. details coming up. it is monday, march 8. >> this is your eye-opener. top stories. >> at this point we have fire and rescue crews out here. and we are pulling people from the train. nonplaying has overturned. >> panic in confusion as a train derails in california. nine people were car -- hurt. >> i would love to take on had one-on-one. that would be so much fun. >> the more i can begin to turn our attention to the republicans. >> the road to the white house could narrow today. michigan would be the big prize for both sides with 59 republican delegates up for grabs. 130 democrat delegates on the line. >> it was rob.
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it turned my world upside down. >> former professional wrestler hulk hogan back on the stand today. a look at the other big stories. >> a bomb explosion at a somali airport has the us worried. officials have learned the device was inside of a laptop. the bomb went off at an airport checkpoint monday hurting people. another explosive found inside a printer but disabused. al-shabaab is suspected. mock explosives routinely make it through security checkpoints. of you are thinking about putting up a new checking account, consider this. credit unions are twice as likely than thanks to offer free checking. greg surveyed 50 of the largest credit unions and found that 76% have no service or transaction fees. 37% of banks surveyed offer that service.
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don't get enough vitamin d during pregnancy may be at greater risk for ms. they found the risk of developing ms was 90% higher in children whose mothers were vitamin d deficient in the first trimester. a snowmobilers reunited with friends after a long night lost in colorado's backcountry. grant county rescuers fear the worst. they got caught in a storm in an area known for deadly avalanches. using cell phone things and lack the teams were able to find the group and guide them in. >> they were all for together. and they would be okay. >> the snowmobilers took a survival kit with them that help them start a fire. that was the difference between life and death. hillary sala as we move into the 6:00 our.
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of a series accident on 49th st. in the southbound direction at that ramp to northbound us 19. the ramp is closed now. serious injuries reported so if you are heading this way you can head down south on 49th st. south on 49th st. if you are trying to get a us 19 for the southbound direction you will be able to. i will stay on top of this and let you know when a lane is open. let's take a look at hillsborough county. an accident and why mama on state road 64. watch out for a lane blocked. north of their in tampa there is still a crash on causeway boulevard in the eastbound lanes at 50th st. it may be a turn lane. if you are heading this way make sure you slow down. let's go live to sky 10, lakeland i-4 at polk parkway looking great.
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if you are heading to work, 75 temple, drivetime 45 minutes. 13 minutes from 275 2 university pkwy. no accidents to report in sarasota. really quiet out there weatherwise this morning and today. we're starting in the 50s but that is 5 to 7 degrees warmer than yesterday. performed and humidity continues. i am so tracking the chance for showers and thunderstorms on saturday. 58 lakewood ranch. 67 sarasota. temperatures, 13 degrees warmer now in clearwater than what it was this time yesterday.
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there is a little temperature warm up out there. lakeland christian school 59. crystal river 52 degrees. light sweater for the kids at the bus stop. most areas in the upper 50s. warmer spots in the lower 50s. it will be chilly this morning. recess time you look pretty good for the kids today. sunshine all day today and we were mix and clouds today. keep in mind you see the winds out of the south and east, this isn't summer but that is a summerlike pattern and not enough moisture to give us afternoon showers the getting close over the next several days. humidity will come up and with southeast winds we start sunny and see probably cloudy skies develop everyday. that is what i am looking for today. high temperature around 80 to 84 . tampa 82.
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84 east of i-75. sunset tonight 6:35 pm. southwest winds at 10 to 15 kn. overall this afternoon, moderate chop on the bay. for tonight will be as cool as this morning. we will continue the warming trend. 63 for an overnight low. the weekend, there comes the rain during the midday on saturday. the time of the changes will track. look at sunday, after being in the low 80s on saturday, upper 70s to low 80s on monday and we will try things out for the rain chances 40% on saturday and 20% on sunday. between now and then warm breezy and humid especially thursday and friday. daylight saving time begins sunday morning. you lose an hour of sleep. could catch my forecast on my
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on the radio. have teamed up with matt at 90 449. and wsrq 10449 fm. also in spanish on 92.5. here is today's word of the day for you to enter to win a game. and to the word of the day in our facebook page. marco rubio back on the campaign tree in the temple area. stick around for the story. teens react to windows 95 for the first time. tampa international airport. a warning for the tsa for travelers on spring break. more traffic and weather coming
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things picking up on the drive times. >> they are still looking really good. hillsborough county, drivetime on the expressway in the westbound direction. we can salai -- see delays. 70 minutes from 75 to gandy boulevard. probably cloudy skies, and temperatures around 80 at 4:00. mid-70s by 6:00. that change in the time this weekend, where we spring
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it will set at 7:37 pm. if you are traveling and the next few weeks you will want to pay attention. tsa is warning passengers to expect longer lines. millions of people headed to spring break. passengers capacity is up 70%. get to the airport early is the best advice. >> nothing more frustrating that if you are in that line and your plane is getting close. this story may make us feel strange. windows 95. if you say your teenager in front of it they may not know what to do. >> that is one -- when one group did. >> it is prehistoric. >> generally speaking what is different about how this looks compared to the computers today?
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>> dull and ancient. >> a group of teenagers were sat in front of a dell computer to play with a monitor and hard drive. they were asked questions about how to turn the computer on and what is a modem. >> and why is it so bulky. why isn't the screen flat and why is it taking so long. >> the monitors took up half the desk. >> the software is not that much different. >> a week into spring training and more action off the field been on it. >> a close call with fans in the stands. live streaming throughout the 7 am show you hop on facebook and join the conversation. we would love to chat with you. 10 news wt tsp. come and say hi. live to downtown st. pete from the theater. thanks for waking up with this. hope you are having a great
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march 8, tuesday morning. good morning. that is were out the door forecast, pretty nice. upper 50s to low 60s out there
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put a light jacket on the kids before you send them out. i will have your pollen forecast coming up. hotspots for you at 630 a am. i am hillary zell. i am showing you a serious accident at the on ramp to northbound us 19. on the way to this accident, you can get a live look. to 75 at yancey boulevard, picking up the morning rush hour on the howard frankland bridge from 275. coming up we will give you an update on the series accident in pinellas park. good morning, it is 630 a am. on top of the developing story at a california no. 94 hurt after a commuter train
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the train. video to show you from this from sacramento. heavy rain caused a tree to fall on the tracks and that cause the derailment. the train -- train was a on its way from silicon to to stockton. there will be no service on that line today. former professional wrestler hulk hogan will be back in court and on the stand as gawker attorneys continue cross-examination. hogan is suing to block the $100 million after you publish a sex tape featuring hogan and the wife of his former best friend. sarah hollenbeck is live in the propellant -- pinellas county judicial building. attorneys will grow hogan. >> reporter: two issues they want to get to the bottom up, the first one will be did former professional wrestler hulk hogan know there was a videotape recording him while he was having sex with his best friend's wife. the second thing they want to get to the bottom of is to
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of us. one former professional wrestler hulk hogan to the stand he got emotional and had a few tears going down his face and he was overcome by that emotion and poor people in the corporate that fred video turned his world upside down. gawker claims they didn't make a profit off of posting the video on its website. hogan and attorneys say the gawker invaded his privacy and are now demanding $100 million for severe emotional distress. if gawker loses the media empire could be in serious trouble. brought up in the room today. it should be interesting. all morning and we will bring county. 150 delegates up for grabs in states holding primaries today. donald trump leads senator ted cruz by 80 delegates. both candidates traded jabs at each end on monday from clinton
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from michigan will be the big prize today with 59 republican delegates and 130 democratic delegates. a week into the florida primaries, marco rubio is making his rounds. he will be in sarasota today. he will be at the dolphin aviation hangar tonight. he said monday night at a rally in tampa were hundreds came out to support that he is hoping to be donald trump. >> i think the republican will come down to what happens in the state of florida. >> florida is a winner take all states. the dog that was almost putdown of providing a child last year is in trouble again. the governor has to decide by tonight if we can assign a bill that would allow voters to defend their dogs after they attacked.
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civil lawsuit filed by the family of the child who have now manatee county officials are looking at filing criminal charges for the owner of this pet clinic. his latest victim they are protected by law. padi's owner said they may be to blame. he was growling at other dogs in the clinic. that is where padi that him. take a look at those injuries. padi's owner said the injuries are minor but the puppies trainer say it is not just about the physical but the mental issues that could keep finishing his training as a service dog. that he was -- that he would always like other dogs were people to wander in a
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around without a leash. >> tens of thousands of people rallied behind padi to keep them alive after the first attack and his owner continues to stand behind his pet. that is something that is sign that is hanging in a tour of this pet clinic. emerald morrow. andrews after a jury award to $55 million in her lawsuit against a stalker and a hotel for the jury found the hotel partially responsible for allowing michael david barrett to stay in the room next door to injuries. he videotape her nude inside her hotel room and posted the video online. the sportscaster was emotional when the verdict was read. she is saying her family and friends are a super. a teenager recovering after being thrown from a horse and dragged. her mother is demanding answers
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in a story, you will see kaylee dilley angelo getting dragged off of a horse. the seventh grader says her concerns about her unruly horse went unheard. she went on a ride with friends and parents. they signed a waiver and by law the business isn't liable for injuries or death. >> versus haven't been trained. there is no training as far as the guides go. they haven't been given brushing. their saddles haven't been >> the sheriff's office investigated and found one horse with a sore and out of the queue -- adequate food and water. we are a week into spring training and already to incidents of bats flying into
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a woman was hit in the face at a blue jays game monday. she had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. over the weekend a father reached his arm out in time to save his eight-year-old son from a similar fate at his first game. >> it happened so fast i didn't have time to think about it. once i realized it was heading for us and specifically my son i threw my art amount and by two pocket the best they could. >> major league baseball has asked teams to extend netting from the home plate to protect fans. more are distracted by cell phones. >> you see that little boy holding his cell phone. it is still scary. you are distracted everywhere. if you are a parent, not only will the next story make you smile that make you laugh as well. >> a toddler got into the situation and needed help. she
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putting on her plans for the child's mother said she is no stranger to cell phones and they have talked to 911 before. a deputy responded. she says she was grateful for this moment. >> i ended up sitting down on the stairs and help her put on the rest of her pants. it was almost like a reward. she wanted a hug. >> her parents didn't know she made the phone call. deputies stayed with a little girlfriend that a while. kids are on phones all the time. helping them understand when they need call 911 or when they shouldn't. >> when is an actual emergency. >> if you don't like the candidates how about voting for dr pepper or mickey mouse. >> the other candidates running for the white house coming up. millions of these is kept -- escaped from this semi truck. how crews were able to control them.
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track of a serious accident. this could impact to drive in pinellas park. sky 10 is over the crash and she is looking to gather more information and we will check in with her coming up in three minutes. here is what is coming up tonight. ncis new orleans at 8:00. limitless and 10:00. stay after the late show with stephen cold air.
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good morning. 642 a am. we're picking up a little bit in between hillsboro and if you are heading across the drivetime seven minutes into the skyway bridge is so quiet this morning, no accidents i am here to help you get out the door on time. the roads are picking up. there is an accident and pinellas park which is really big. pollen forecast is on the high side.
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and with dry conditions between now and friday it will stay higher. 5 pm through 10 am is a prime time for that to fly around so avoid those times, it will help you out. >> scattered showers and thunderstorms on friday. 20% chance. i will have the weekend forecast coming up in 10 minutes. here is the sports lineup for tuesday. back-to-back games for the lighting. the return home to play the bruins tonight. the reason lakeland to put the tigers. reto berra on the mound. how the volunteers make the tournament go. that is a look ahead for sports today. i am dave wirth. former professional wrestler hulk hogan will be back on the stand in his trial against the website gawker. >> will continue the cross examination of the rest of. he testified about the sex
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sponge clem's wife. it was posted on gawker which he said he never gave permission for. he never knew there was a camera in the bedroom. 10 news will be in the courtroom today. download our 10 news app and you can watch the trial live. the governor needs to sign a law that was prompted by an area.. this comes after padi the dr. vitti service.. the owner could face criminal charges. padi that a four-year-old boy in the ear and her owners pet clinic and was almost euthanize. the current law that requires a dog that 50% to be euthanize. the proposed bill would allow exceptions. voters in michigan in mississippi and idaho have primaries today. >> 140 republican delegates up for grabs. democrats are choosing candidates into of the states, michigan officials saying they are predicting record voter
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59 delegates available. 130 democratic delegates on the line. proposing michigan close tonight and 10:00. we will keep you posted with the results. darth vader, luke skywalker, but ebl and mickey mouse are running for president. we have a list at our website, usa today looked at the federal commission website to see who has filed candidacy. the reporters found that 1660 form. the reporters found that 1661 listings are on the site. they have a list. check out this list, search allison kropff while you are on facebook. i posted a link to this. it is really funny. there are so many and they are
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blake edward running for president. forest gump. >> the list keeps going. >> 1600. kind of funny. on my facebook page. officers had to bring special help and when this track flows over on monday. the semi had 450 beehives on board and several escape from the crash. these is for the truck making it difficult for us to get to the driver. beekeepers who called into the swarming bees and the estimate there were about a few million. at the issue there. people with allergies, of for the area until they get things under control. coming up, if you serious issues on bay area roads. >> the biggest one is in pinellas park on southbound 49th st., north at the northbound us 19 rent. let's go live to sky 10.
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injuries. you can see the on ramp at us 19 from 49th st. is blocked but the main lanes of 49th and us 19 are not blocked you can still get by. i do want to take you to the scene looking here and we can see the tow truck is there. it looks like this could be cleared in the next couple of minutes. which is perfect if were about to get into the rush hour. you can see the damage to the car. we are waiting to get an update on the driver. let's look at sky 10 here. to 75 in hillsboro county. an accident in the southbound lanes in the left shoulder. there is a crash and you need to slow down passing that. at the delay on to 75 and when we look at drive times this morning in hillsboro county you can see to 75 is the heaviest especially going south.
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minutes. i 75 from state road 56 to the expressway pretty slow with a drivetime of 22 minutes. polk county, be required. polk parkway and i-4 not looking too bad. sarasota and manatee county looking good. a crash and braiding tent on 8th avenue in the westbound lanes of 8th avenue. it is blocking a lane so make sure you are taking it slow. if you have problems on the roads, send me an email. i am your road warrior and i will take care of traffic safety issues you are seeing. email what they are, road warrior i am your road warrior and i will take care of traffic safety issues you are seeing. email what they are, plethora of this morning, mid to upper 50s in most areas. 55 in clearwater. 37 riverview. tampa still 61. 64 st. petersburg.
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in bradenton this morning. but they will be warmer today. odessa 59. 52 zephyrhills. 50 for about a week up. low-level clouds. prelate cloudy skies. -- prelate cloudy skies. this is our hotel camera. you can see a great shot of the skyway bridge. it is gorgeous out there. our forecast for today, more sunshine than anything else but we will get warm. we will go to the lower 80s today and so skies will go from sunny to partly sunny for the afternoon and winds out of the south and east. we are 82 degrees but also more human. dew point's will be back up to the upper 50s. today. nothing until saturday.
6:50 am
647 a am. the sunset tonight at 6:35 pm. 82 degrees and sweet rather of course. under partly cloudy skies. a bit of a breeze later this afternoon. later for the hockey game, mid 70s and the caucus dropped. down to the 70s this evening. we are now. the coast. that is dominating the weather. give us a southeasterly breeze. it will hold off showers and storms back to the rest until that is when that would get in here. traveling for today, east coast was fantastic. sent us, especially
6:51 am
severe weather including houston later today. they have had some severe weather overnight. they will be watching that closely. warm and cozy for us for the next few days. not a lot of land, just breezy. mid-80s for the highs. shower activity in the first half of saturday and drying up on sunday. we will tackett for you and get the timing down. you can catch up forecast in the newspaper, we teamed up with the tampa bay times and the ledger, they are great newspapers. get the forecast right there. a company accused of putting bookstores out of business is opening its own. >> that story after the break. as we go to break, a live look from florida southern college in lakeland. if you are taking a picture of the sunrise, send it to us with
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amazon is getting ready to open the second brick-and- mortar bookstore. they will have a location in san diego. the company opened its first store in seattle and it is done well. they will sell books and tablets and devices. insiders say another dozen stores could be in the works as well. >> we have an idea for you for breakfast. it is national pancake day. you can get some for free at ihop. get a short stack of three buttermilk pancakes starting in a few minutes. it goes until 7:00 tonight. just make a donation to the children's miracle network hospital and have to go to the restaurant to get the deal. >> you can do an early dinner or lunch. were you could do all three.
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road -- dolly parton is hitting the road once again. >> this hall of famer announced she is going on her north american tour after 25 years. it is called pure and simple. it will feature material from her double album and decades of hits. tour dates will be released soon. look at her. that is awesome. she is fabulous. you've had a few issues. >> this one just cleared. us 19 and 49th st. is where that one was. you are open there. pinellas county, not bad at all. i am tracking it for you. we will be back for an update. roads are nice and dry and no rain is expected. houston and dallas, severe weather threat later today. it could be very bad because tornado threat is high in the
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download our app for sure. thank you for joining us. hope you have a fantastic
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good morning. it is tuesday, march 8th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a california commuter train derails into rushing water. rescuers race to get passengers out of the wreckage. donald trump launches new attacks after which advisers admit it was the worst weekend of his role. >> the first major american artist producing in cue back for


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